Meet Dria

Hey babes,

I'm Andria Lecidor, the founder and creative director for Love Dria and Dria the Jeweler. I thought of a couple of items that may be on your mind about moi. Still, if this little list doesn't satisfy your curiosity, then you can always follow my social media accounts listed below for your daily dose of Dria, trust me, you won't regret it.

Hope to see you there!




Other Aliases: Dria & Dria the Jeweler

Place of Birth: Miami, Florida 

Favorite US City: Miami, Florida 

Education: Fashion Institute of Technology, Gemological Institute of America, and The Streets

Favorite Hobby: Shopping

Years in the Fashion Industry: 8+ years, 5 years in the jewelry industry, specifically

Three Words to Describe Me: Eclectic, Honest, and Adventurous 

Love Dria Headquarters: New York City, NY

Why Love Dria: Throughout my years working in the luxury jewelry space, I felt as though there were not many brands that told my story and the stories of others that came from backgrounds like mine: POC, first generation, not a silver spoon in sight. Love Dria is the avenue where people can celebrate their identity, achievements, and cultures in luxurious 14k yellow gold because we all deserve to, regardless of who we are and where we came from.